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Who we are


A private entity acts as an integrator of services to countries of the West African Coast, based in Laâyoune, kingdom Morocco since 1999.


كيان خاص، مقرها في العيون ، المملكة المغربية منذ عام 1999 يعمل كمجمع للخدمات لبلدان الساحل الغربي لإفريقيا


Une entité privée agit comme ensemblier de services aux pays de la côte ouest-africaine, basée a Laâyoune, Royaume du Maroc depuis 1999.





Assistance for the West Coast African industrialization


مساعدة لتصنيع ساحل غرب أفريقيا


Assistance à l'industrialisation Cote Ouest Africaine


Cooperation with potential companies for the transformation

of African raw material:-

Tropical fruits (pineapple, papaya, mango, passion)

Cashew, almonds, pistachio, sesame

Wood / Timber (iroko, teak, mahogany, etc.)

Rattan Skins/hides (cattle, goats, sheep)



Services integrator

Company creation

Management assistance

Training Seminars

Exhibitions for the  products of the countries of the western

coast of Africa




Joint venture/equity with buyback arrangement

Turnkey plants for the processing of concentrated fruit juice, chocolate, roasters, tanning industry and carpentry.

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